Teacher Academy is a dual enrollment program for high school seniors interested in education careers. 

DCCC Description

This course provides students with an introduction to the field of teaching and learning. Students will become familiar with teaching as a career choice and state requirements for becoming a certified teacher. The foundations, history, and philosophy of education will be examined and students will gain an understanding of modern education in our society. Students will also examine the impact of current issues on American education today. To assist students in gaining knowledge in a well-organized format, the course is structured into four areas of competence: historical and philosophical foundations; teachers and students; schools and curriculum; and finances, government, and legal concerns.

Teacher Academy Tailoring:  Curricula for this course will be meaningfully tied to the larger      vision of Teacher Academy.

DCCC Description

This course will provide an orientation to various aspects of teaching in grades 1-4. Topics will include curriculum, planning, effective instruction, discipline, and the structure of the school.  Field Experience provides teacher candidates with opportunities   to:

  • observe the complex features of the classroom environment from the perspective of a teacher,
  •  examine classroom behavior, and to study the decision making of experienced teachers
  •  share in selected teaching duties
  •  observe child and/or young adolescent behavior of regular and inclusion students as a basis for --understanding interpretations and instructional applications of psychological principles.
  •    develop a personal teaching philosophy
  •    relate college classwork to the context of the field.
  •    evaluate the teaching profession as a career choice
  •    explore with school colleagues the services and agencies in the larger community that support students’ learning and well being.
  • Teacher Academy Tailoring: Students will complete the required 30 hours of observation in PreK-4 classrooms. Students will be placed in local district schools with experienced teachers. They will both observe and participate in classroom activities and planning.

DCCC Description

This course reviews the principles of composition, including rhetoric, grammar and usage.  It emphasizes critical thinking, the recursive nature of writing, the writing of analytical essays, and the application of information literacy skills.

Teacher Leadership Academy Tailoring:

Curricula for this course will be meaningfully tied to the larger vision of Teacher Leadership Academy.  Students will use their various locations (courses, internships, externships) as sites for original teacher research.  This model will allow for students to begin imagining themselves as teacher researchers and writers who contribute to the educational field in ways that extend beyond the classroom.