New filters now available!

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New filters now available!
by Moodle Administrator - Thursday, 12 November 2009, 5:50 PM
Greetings, Moodle Teachers!

Several new filters are now available for your site!
  • Activity, Resource, and Wiki Auto-linking - Titles of resources and activities, as well as Wiki pages, will automatically become hyperlinks that take you to the relevant resource within the same course. For example, if you have a link to a file called "Course Syllabus", and you mention the "Course Syllabus" in a web page further down in your course, the words will automatically link back to the resource from before.
  • Media plugins - This plug-in enables media files to play right inside of Moodle, without a download needed. Caution: videos and audio that you have linked to already will now have a player beside them.
  • Algebra and TeX Notation - Looking to type equations directly into Moodle? No problem! Using TeX notation, you can now type formulas and equations into Moodle and have them display as though they were in a Math textbook. To learn more about using TeX notation, click here.
Please look in your courses for changes, which you may or may not experience. Most notably, look for new media players available if you link to video or audio content.

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