2. Student Information Sheet_Extra Credit

Picture of Deborah Capotrio (deborahr)
2. Student Information Sheet_Extra Credit
by Deborah Capotrio (deborahr) - Thursday, 3 September 2020, 2:02 PM

Directions:  Please complete the Student Information Sheet for extra credit by the following dates. When you see a  icon, please fill in the requested information. For full credit, you will need to include the Activities & Interest Section. If that section is incomplete, then you will receive +3 points only if submitted by the deadline dates. When complete, upload it and send to the following email address:  DeborahCapotrio@students.cciu.org

o  Thursday              Sept. 10 for +5 extra credit points,

o  Monday                Sept. 14 for +3 extra credit points

o  Wednesday          Sept. 16 for +1 extra credit point.